Where do we go now?

Been around the world twice, talked to everyone once, went around the block a few times back in the same old town.
I ve been on trains and planes, trying to figure it out. Trying to find a place to finally settle down.
Living in a suitcase crossing the border line, losing my passport, bear with me for a while.
Custom won’t let me go, they double check me for amo. Just a small drawback, till i m on to the next show.

I fight hard and love deep, to summon the way to stay on my feet.

The answer lies in the journey.
Destination doesn’t matter, just the urge and need to go away.

New is always better, unknown is scarier, discovery is bliss.

If you don’t pay attention, you lazy ass lovely decent person, your comfort zone will kill you.
Let’s go! move it! Get out there! Never stay behind! you re a game player not a follower.
Meet, greet, smile, scream and shout, is what I m talking about.

Every long road starts with a first step, no matter where you go.
It’s not about the picture, the view, the color or the weather; but your ability to go forward, to set goals and eventually achieve some of them.

Stay passionate, optimistic and curious.
Always make new mistakes, adapt and adjust.
Always be fair to them u know the hustle. Never settle for less cause you deserve it all.

So go, leave it all behind. Burn the stuff that slows you down. Explore your options and reach for the stars, just cause

« Life is on a wire, the rest is just waiting »

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